Darien Cook

A twenty year retired Navy Veteran born in Alabama. After serving his country as an Air Traffic Controller, he moved into his true passion of photography. Once known primarily as a landscape and action shooter, his work has expanded into all styles of photography. Like all great craftsman who are very passionate about their work, he sees the world as a canvas begging to be brought to life so that all can enjoy. His concept is simple:
"VISUALIZE IT- Everything you see is unique and special. PICTURE IT- How you want the world to experience the beauty discovered behind the lens through colors, angles and concepts. CAPTURE IT- Show the world that the peacefulness of a sunrise, the first kiss of marriage, the joy of an event or even a thrilling point of your favorite sport is more than just that. It's a frozen moment in time you can always go back to embrace or dream of just being there." - Darien Cook